KHS Admissions Consultation for 2021 – 2022

King Henry School are currently consulting on our Admission Policy for 2021 - 2022 and a copy has been published below.

Consultation on a proposed reduction in Published Admission Number (PAN) for King Henry School with effect from September 2021.


The current Published Admissions Number (PAN) for King Henry School is 360

Year 7 on roll (previous Years):
2019: 330
2018: 303
2017: 316
2016: 289
2015: 267

Specific proposal

The Governing Body plan to reduce the Published Admission Number (PAN) of the school from 360 to 300 with effect from September 2021.

The number of places available for children in Year 7 in 2021 – and all subsequent Year 7 cohorts will be 300.  For children already on roll, there will be no change; the admission number will remain at 360.

Factors that have been considered by the Governing Body in deciding to consult include:

  • The school is currently rated Requiring Improvement by Ofsted and is subsequently undergoing a period of school improvement under the direction of The Odyssey Trust for Education. This is particularly challenging in a school of this size. The Trustees believe that the school leadership will be able to make better progress with a period of reduced student numbers.
  • Over the past few years, the school has been frequently undersubscribed. As a consequence, the school has been compelled to admit a high number of students who had not chosen the school. Multiple in-year transfers can create uncertainty and disruption. In light of the school’s current Ofsted judgement, a smaller PAN would bring greater certainty and stability, supporting more positive progress and outcomes.
  • Under the current arrangements the limited resources the school has are stretched and therefore current students suffer. The school leadership wish to concentrate the school’s resources to best effect and believe this can be achieved through having more manageable sized year groups.

    Additional changes to the oversubscription criteria are listed below:

    • Priority 3 – Sibling

    This is given to a child with a brother or sister attending a school within the ‘Odyssey Trust for Education’ at the time of application, other than where the older sibling started at an Odyssey school in the sixth form.

    • Priority 4 – Staff Child (new)

    Staff Children – those students with a parent or registered guardian employed within the Odyssey Trust for Education on a permanent basis at the time of application.

    How to respond

    The consultation period will end on: Friday 24th  January 2020; if you have any comments please write to the Chair of Governors – Rob Leitch at the school or email the clearly marked for the attention of Mr Leitch with the heading: Consultation to King Henry’s Admissions Policy 2021/2022 by the above date.