Welcome from the CEO/Executive Headteacher

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to King Henry School, a new co-educational secondary school with a bright and ambitious future. As a Year 7 entrant in September your son or daughter will have the opportunity to join us in an innovative and exciting journey.


The school has been formed as the non-selective sister school to Townley Grammar School. As such it shares the aspirations and Grammar School ethos within a fully inclusive environment. It is my sincere belief that the values and high aspirations at the heart of great Grammar schools can apply equally to schools that do not select on ability. Such a belief lies at the heart of this endeavour and has shaped the work between these two schools.

We are at the beginning of this journey but by the time your daughter or son joins us in September we will have established a truly remarkable school. I know this because in 30 years of education and leadership within a range of schools I have learned what makes schools great.

It is first and foremost strong leadership, at Governance and Strategic leadership levels. That is why King Henry has a completely new governing body comprised of experts in the fields of education and social care. It is why I have personally taken the reigns of the school while we establish expectations and support and develop a reformed Strategic Leadership Team. That leadership needs to be inspiring and passionate about the importance of education.

It is secondly about values that are embedded in the very fibre of the school. That is why the highly successful behaviour management processes at Townley Grammar have been adopted by King Henry School and form the basis for a new approach to the management of behaviour. That approach rests upon an expectation of high standards but more importantly the understanding that we have a duty to teach young people to manage their own behaviour, to make the right choices.

It is also about the culture and ethos of the school. At King Henry traditional values of politeness, courtesy and respect are paramount. Coupled with compassion for others and personal courage they form the bedrock of establishing a culture in which all members of the community can grow.

There are no great schools without great teaching and so the recruitment and training of highly skilled and expert teachers is a fundamental focus of the school. We have already recruited an impressive body of teachers and as part of the Trust all teaching staff regularly receive high quality training from accomplished and experienced colleagues.

Of course as a parent what you are most concerned with is the person your child will grow into. This is our goal too. Qualifications, while important are the consequence of learning, not the aim. We want our students to develop a rich body of knowledge, a wide vocabulary, the ability to question the world around them and the skills to form their own ideas and views. They must develop the character and passion to continue to learn and question long after they leave school and the confidence to lead happy and successful lives.

I am excited about their futures and the future of King Henry School and I look forward to taking that journey together.

Desmond Deehan
CEO/Executive Headteacher