Year 7 Welcome Evening -
07.05.20, Postponed

In light of the current government guidance on Covid 19 the planned Year 7 Welcome evening on 7th May 2020 at King Henry School will be postponed. We will be in contact in due course with further information and arrangements moving forward. If you have not yet completed your admissions return survey please do so now as this information is vital for supporting your son/daughter when they join us.
Year 7 Admission Pack

Information we need for all students joining the school.

On the following pages you will be asked to complete the information we need for all students joining the school.

If you have any difficulties completing the form please contact Admissions at You need to have completed the form no later than Friday 10th April 2020.

King Henry School

Data and Admissions information, including determined admission arrangements 2020/2021 (For entry in September 2020)

With effect from September 2018, Erith School is now called King Henry School as it  joins a Multi-Academy Trust, known as the ‘Odyssey Trust For Education’ with Townley Grammar.

This move reflects that we are a thriving, vibrant and diverse community and that we value all children irrespective of ability. We aim to provide all of our students with the best possible education within a safe and caring environment so that when they leave King Henry School, they will be fully prepared for a successful future.

This school has been serving families in our local community for over 100 years and believe in working closely with our local community stakeholders to ensure that our students are fully supported throughout their school careers.

We strive to improve year on year in everything we do and our of our students and to provide them with a broad and balanced programme of study. We have introduced a grammar stream within our banding system to make sure that all our students are academically challenged at whatever level they are currently working at and follow an appropriate curriculum pathway.

Our 6th form is part of the ‘Partnership 6th’. This is an arrangement which allows us to share courses with two other local schools to further increase the offer to our students. Our students have enjoyed considerable success within this partnership and many have continued their studies at University or Colleges of Further education. In addition, our partnership with Townley Grammar, will provide our students with improved access to quality career guidance, higher and further education.

We aim to enhance the life chances of every student which go beyond exams and which cannot be measured by league tables. We have a strong pastoral system which surrounds every child with a number of significant adults who provide guidance and support to students at every stage in their education.

We believe in high standards of behaviour and attitudes to learning from all our students. Discipline is strict and we expect the support and co-operation from parents to help us reinforce our School Policies and our high expectations of politeness, good manners and respect for other people and property. All students from Year 7 to Year 11 wear full school uniform and those in the 6th form follow a strict dress code.

Good behaviour and positive attitudes are always recognised and rewarded through regular assemblies and celebration events.

It is an expectation that all our students have 100% attendance and arrive to both school and lessons on time.



(For entry in September 2020)

King Henry School has a published admission intake number of 360 students.

Responsibility for Admissions

The ‘Admissions Authority’ is the Governing Body of King Henry School. The admission number is 360. The parents of all applicants must complete an application form obtained from their home Local Authority. King Henry School will admit students representing all levels of ability from admission applicants.

Where the number of applications for admission is greater than the published admissions number, children will be admitted from each band on the basis of the oversubscription criteria set out below. Note: Where a pupil has a Statement of Special Educational Needs that names King Henry School as the educational provision suitable to meet the pupil’s SEN that pupil has to be admitted to King Henry School. Therefore for the purposes of allocating places such students will be treated as having the first priority for admission to the King Henry School, and will be automatically allocated a place.

Priority 1 – Looked after children

This is given to Children in Public Care and Children previously in Public Care.

Note: This is a mandatory requirement from the new admissions code February 2012 reference below:

All schools must have oversubscription criteria for each ‘relevant age group’ and the highest priority must be given, unless otherwise provided in this Code, to Looked After Children and previously Looked After Children. Previously Looked After Children are children who were looked after, but ceased to be so because they were adopted (or became subject to a residence order or special guardianship order). Further references to previously Looked After Children in this Code means such children who were adopted (or subject to residence orders or special guardianship orders) immediately following having been looked after. Oversubscription criteria must then be applied to all other applicants in the order set out in the arrangements

Priority 2 – Medical

This is given where a child, sibling or a parent has a medical condition, which would cause significant hardship if the child could not attend the school of parental preference. In such cases the school will require confirmation that it is essential, on medical grounds, for the child to attend King Henry School.

Note: If you wish to request this priority you must do so, and provide any supporting evidence, at the time of application including confirmation of the relevant condition from a registered medical practitioner. Medical conditions consequential from a failure to obtain the preferred school, for example emotional distress (whether or not leading to a recognised medical condition), do not fall within this priority. “Significant hardship” will be interpreted as being greater than inconvenience, financial disadvantage or emotional upset.

The Governors’ Admissions Committee will determine whether the evidence provided is sufficiently compelling to meet the requirements of this criterion.

Priority 3 – Sibling

This is given to a child with a brother or sister attending the school at the time of admission, other than where the older sibling started at the school in the sixth form. Note: For this priority, brother/sister includes a full brother/sister or step/half brother/sister living at the same address. Please be aware that you must provide the necessary details when you apply.

Priority 4 – Distance

This gives priority to students living nearest the school based on distance from home to school, measured by radial distance (straight line) from the home address to the nearest official school entrance. The distance will be measured from the front door of the home address (the main entrance in the case of flats or multi-occupation dwellings) to the nearest school entrance. The official pupil entrances, approved by the Governors’ Admissions Committee, are on Avenue Road, Ramsden Road and Limewood Road.

Note: Home address is the address at which the child lives with a parent or registered guardian who is the main carer, defined as the parent eligible to receive Child Benefit and Child Tax Credit. In the event of there being two or more applicants at a flat or multi–occupational dwelling vying for a lesser number of remaining places, a random lottery will be used to determine allocation of those places.


If the number of applicants assigned to one of the above oversubscription criteria exceeds the number of remaining places, a tie-breaker will be used to allocate those remaining places amongst that group of applicants. The tie-breaker will be home to school distance as set out in criterion number 4 above.

Where applications exceed places, a waiting list will be maintained in accordance with the admissions criteria.

Parents have the right to appeal. In such cases parents should forward their appeal in writing to the Clerk to the Governors, at the school address preferably within 14 days of hearing that their child has not been allocated a place. The Appeals Panel will then listen to the appeal.

In accordance with the Coordinated School Admission Arrangements parents will be sent a letter saying which school their child has been offered. This letter will be posted by first class post on first working day following 1st March.

Data And Admissions Information

For comprehensive information on admissions to King Henry School, please view / download our Data / Admissions booklet

Admissions Dates and Appeals Timetable: September 2020