Behaviour Principles

We distil the fundamentals of behaviour into these simple goals.

Be Here

To attend school regularly and punctually. When present to be fully present, mind and body, listening and engaging. To be fully conscious of our actions and thereby fully responsible too.

Be Brave

To have the moral courage to stand up for the values we hold dear and to make a stand for others more vulnerable than us. Additionally to step beyond our comfort zone, to try new things and challenge ourselves each day.

Be Kind

To show kindness and compassion for others, particularly where they may seem to not deserve it; to care for others in our school community and beyond; to demonstrate all this in our actions and words.

Be Better

To be ambitious for ourselves. To aim to be the best version of ourselves at all times and strive to be better than we were yesterday.

Our Behaviour Management strategy takes the view that our actions, good and bad, have consequences. We describe these as the ripples created when a stone is dropped into still water. The heavier the stone and the longer the drop, the bigger the ripples will be and the longer they will last. These ripples are the impact our actions have on those around us and so the rewards or sanctions must reflect that impact.

We call these our behaviour zones.

King Henry School Behaviour Zones - Click to view full size.

We expect high standards of behaviour and attitudes to learning from all our students. Support and co-operation from parents and carers is essential in reinforcing our expectations of politeness, good manners and respect for other people and property.

Good behaviour and positive attitudes are always recognised and rewarded through regular assemblies and celebration events.