COVID-19 30.03.20


Monday 30th March 2020


Dear Parents

Thank you for your feedback on the remote teaching arrangements. I’m glad to see that this has been received favourably. As expected there are technical problems for some and we are responding to these. I am grateful for your patience and understanding.

I appreciate that home schooling is a challenge and you will have had to make many adjustments and changes to your lives. We don’t want to add to that which is why we will use your feedback to improve what we do, given this may still be for several months.

It is time after this week for students and staff to take their Easter break. We will not be setting work for students at this time and there is no expectation that they do any. This is a time to rest and recover, to spend time with family and with oneself. We have all had to take in a great deal and I can only imagine the stresses and pressures you have faced as families.

We will continue this week as planned and following Easter will pick up the remote teaching plan, ready for the strangest summer term we have had. We know that for some this is a key term with various events and celebrations. We will do what we can to acknowledge these and knowing the ingenuity of our staff I have no doubt we will make it work.

Take care and stay safe

Desmond Deehan

CEO/Executive Headteacher

Odyssey Trust for Education

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