Jack Petchey 2020 winners

Jack Petchey 2020 Winners

Winner : Rosie-Mae G
Age : 14
Reason for award : Rosie- Mae is an incredibly polite young lady with a heart of gold. She maintains great relationships with staff and students and is always willing to help others. She is an outstanding student with exceptional behavior and consistently demonstrates a positive attitude within the school community.

Winner : Alice W
Age : 14
Reason for award : Alice is a young carer. She is fluent in sign language and regularly looks after and supports her twin brother. Alice is a lovely student that consistently demonstrates the core values of the school. A true a role model student.

Winner : George P
Age : 12
Reason for award : George is an exceptional King Henry student with outstanding attendance and a real passion for learning. George always tries his best in all subject areas and is fearless when attempting new challenges.George is a pleasure to both know and teach.

Winner : Katie L
Age : 15
Reason for award : Katie is an exceptional sports woman with a drive to win. Her determination and competitiveness nature is infectious having a positive impact on everyone around her. She is a natural leader and works extremely hard to improve at everything she puts her mind to.

Winner : Josh N
Age : 13
Reason for award : Josh is a hard working student who strives to make positive changes within the school community. He is a vital part of King Henry School's 'Green Team' with a real passion to educate and raise awareness about recycling. He is currently supporting Kent Air Ambulance by collecting crisp packets to recycle. Josh is a young man of high morals with a desire to make a difference.

Winner : David O
Age : 13
Reason for award : David is an outstanding individual who is always striving to make an effort across all of his subjects. He has an excellent attitude and takes an active role within his lessons. He is continuously showing improvement and works well with others. David is an exceptional King Henry student.