Post of Headteacher of King Henry School.

The post is a key appointment in the newly formed Odyssey Multi-Academy Trust. The Trustees and local governing body are wholeheartedly committed to improving the outcomes for all the students of King Henry School. It is this commitment to a quality education for all that motivated the governing body of a high performing girls’ grammar to accept the challenge of forming the MAT. The changes that have been introduced to date, are the preamble to the future direction and ambition that we have for the School

The Headteacher will be accountable for the performance of the school and will report to the CEO/Executive Headteacher. They will have the support of a new and highly skilled governing body made up in part of educational professionals. Additionally, the Trust has a Director of School Improvement who leads a Pendulum Team of Lead Practitioners and a Teaching and Learning team in each school. A Director of Inclusion is in place and reflects our desire to place Inclusion and SEND at the heart of our school. This extends to our Grammar Stream which seeks to provide the opportunities of a Grammar School Education to those who do not gain a place but display real ability. In this way we “leave no student behind.” We are looking for:

  • An experienced Deputy Headteacher or Headteacher
  • An advocate of values driven education (Character Education)
  • A person with drive and ambition who is ambitious for young people
  • A champion for social mobility
  • A confident public speaker, someone with imagination and the skills to convey that through the written or spoken word
  • A leader who values people and cares for their development and growth

If this is a role that appeals to you and you think you have the potential to fill it, then I would be very happy to meet with you. I would encourage visits to the school and discussions around the role which undoubtedly is a big step in anyone’s career. This is a long term commitment so both parties must be sure. This is very much about attitude, commitment and potential. It is expected that the successful candidate will grow with the role and that takes time.

I do hope that this pack inspires you to make that first step in becoming the first Headteacher of King Henry School.

Desmond Deehan,
CEO/Executive Headteacher, Odyssey Trust for Education.

Full details on how to apply.

Application Form Word / PDF

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