I have strong ambitions for the future of our school and am looking forward to putting them into practice. My aim is to ensure outstanding and inclusive education experiences, with high expectations, for every child who is part of the school community. I believe a significant part of my role is to spend as much time with the students and staff as possible, sharing in their learning opportunities and celebrating their many successes.

I am driven by a passion and determination to help every child in my care to become a confident and independent member of society. Mr Deehan and his talented team have already made huge strides since King Henry School began working within The Odyssey Trust for Education last September. I intend to continue that good work by instilling a strong work ethic in our students and staff, a pride in our school, and in appropriate academic and vocational rigour.

As the headteacher of King Henry, I will be relentless in my approach to improving outcomes for all students of all abilities and talent. I believe parents and students who have done so much to support the school deserve nothing less.

High expectations underpin everything, if we get this right, if everyone from every part of the school community raises the bar on what they expect of themselves and each other, then we’ll get the outcomes our students deserve.

Ms Zara Tippey

King Henry School