Changes from September as King Henry School


 19th July 2018

Dear Parent/Carer

RE: Changes from September as King Henry School 

As the school year comes to a close, we will be returning in September to King Henry School having joined the new Odyssey Trust for Education and working together with Townley Grammar School.

The School’s years as Erith School, all the heritage associated with it and our memories, will never be forgotten. The name change is merely to signal, that as a school, we are on a transformational journey and we are always moving forwards.

Overtime, all of you will see the benefits of being part of the Odyssey Trust for Education and when we return to King Henry School after the summer holidays you will see some noticeable changes. For example, signs around the school, the King Henry School crest and of course the uniform where everyone will be wearing a new blazer and tie.

  • There are some other significant changes to the timings of the school day at King Henry School and they are:
  • the removal of the five minutes travel time 
  • an additional Form Time session at the end of the day
  • and an earlier closure time to the school day on Wednesdays:

The New King Henry School Day

I would want to stress at the outset that despite these changes to the timings of the school day at King Henry School, students will continue to receive a full and balanced curriculum in lessons as they currently do to enable them to become successful learners.

Adjusting the length of the school day on Wednesday afternoon will allow the school to provide a range of intervention and extra-curricular sessions between 2.05pm-3.05pm to targeted students across all year groups to support their progress and achievements. As parents/carers you will be notified of such support in advance.

An earlier closure on Wednesday afternoon will also allow our staff to meet regularly in groups looking at ways in which we can continue to improve the quality of teaching and learning. It will enable dedicated time for teachers and support staff to collaborate which is an approach that has been adopted in a number of other schools to good effect.

The school has a long history of extra-curricular activities and I would not wish to lessen these opportunities for our young people in any way. Indeed, I would want to increase and widen access to such opportunities.

I am also extremely conscious of the social and family implications. One of these would be the effects on our primary schools and those families who also have to collect children from them. If there are any personal complications with the Wednesday earlier closure timing and you wish your child to stay in school until the normal finishing time please let your Head of Year know at the start of the year in September. Please also note, as a part of the Wednesday earlier closure, the bus company will be informed and any adjustments will be renegotiated.

So as we say a fond farewell and an end of an era as Erith School, we can look forward to starting a new chapter as King Henry School. As ever, thank you for your continued support for the school.

Yours sincerely

Mrs S Allen