Supermarket Vouchers have replaced free school meals whilst school is closed due to Covid-19

All families with children eligible for Free School Meals will also be sent a supermarket voucher for £20 per child per week. To find out if you are eligible for Free School Meals you can use the Link2ICT Free School Meals Online Checking Service.

Free School Meals - E-Vouchers

For those who are entitled to free school meals, an electronic voucher has been sent from EdenRed to the email address registered at the school. Please log in and redeem the e-voucher from the details provided in the email.

Free school Meals

Dear Parent/Carer

You may be aware that the government allocates additional funding to schools. One of the criteria used to calculate this additional funding – known as the Pupil Premium – is the number of students at a school who are eligible to receive Free School Meals (FSMs). In common with most schools it is likely that a number of parents whose children attend this school fail to claim FSMs, even though they are entitled to them. As the school will receive additional funding based on the number of students who receive FSMs, I am writing to all parents to ask them, if they believe that they may be entitled to claim FSMs for their children and do not already do so, to make a claim. As I am sure you will agree the students at this school can only benefit if we are able to attract additional funding.

In order to claim FSMs a parent must be claiming one of the following benefits:

  • Income Support
  • Income-Based Employment and Support Allowance
  • Income-Based Job Seekers Allowance
  • Universal Credit
  • Child Tax Credit (but not Working Tax Credit) is being received by the claimant or his/her partner and the combined annual income as assessed by HMI RonaTC602 form is not above £16,190
  • The Guaranteed Element of Pension Tax Credit.
  • Asylum Seeker under part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999

To make it easier for parents / carers to check whether they are entitled to FSMs we are making available a system called Link2ICT which enables you to go on line and check your eligibility as often as you wish.

For further information, there is also a Link2ICT User Guide which can be downloaded using link below.

View eligibility criteria for Free School Meals (PDF Download)

Free School Meals Parent Carer User Guide (PDF Download)

Free School Meals Application Form (PDF Download)

If you would prefer, this check can be carried out by the school office staff. All you need to do is complete the Free School Meals application form (Click on link above) and return it to Mrs Whipps, Office Manager at Erith School. Once the office staff have completed the check you will be contacted if your child is entitled to FSMs but not currently receiving them.

School Menus

We all want students to eat better, and yet their dining choices are very rarely influenced by overt health messages, or tables groaning with crunchy vegetables. The major drivers continue to be taste, cost and convenience.

That’s why King Henry School have chosen Cucina, whose menus are interesting, fun and different. The food, handmade on site by skilled chefs and attractively presented, is largely sourced from fresh UK ingredients, it’s also full of nutritional goodness.

Teaching through their tastebuds

Healthy food? Absolutely. Although young customers tend to put it in other ways, like, ‘wicked’, ‘the future’, ‘gorge(ous)’, ‘cool’, ‘way better than the shops’, and ‘Mum, I want school lunches’.

The more that students like our food, the more they get to know about it. Then, with the help of chefs and kitchen staff, they start to try other options.

We KNOW that eating well is crucial to improving ability and behaviour. In helping students to eat better, Cucina at King Henry School aims to impart a genuine love of great food and help grow knowledge in the process.

We offer a three week alternating menu, please click on the different menus below, to view all the options available.

There will be a Special Food Calendar with themed days as shown below:

Check out the upcoming themed food days at King Henry School