How to Survive Exams

Parents can find exams just as stressful as their child. Often parents want to support their child but don't know how. Here are some top tips for parents:

1. Be realistic

Encourage your child to follow a realistic review programme that incorporates 5-minute breaks (every 30 – 40 minutes) and factors in fun things they want to do, watch TV, see friends, go on Facebook. This helps maintain a work/life balance, something we all strive for.

2. Make learning part of the culture at home

Encourage the learning, revision and memorising process to be part of the home. Provide a noticeboard (or give them an entire wall!) for their notes, posters, timetables etc. It helps to have this visible so you know what is going on too.

3. Provide a calm working space

Ensure they have a suitable space for working in, away from distractions. If they share a bedroom or have to work in a family space give them “red time” where siblings (and you) can’t bother them so they have quality, quiet time to study.

4. Show them you're interested

Show them that you are interested in their work and have fun with it. Revision doesn’t have to be hours of staring at notes hoping it sinks in. Encourage them to use Mind Maps (they are utterly brilliant), create colourful posters, and enjoy creating imaginative memory palaces together.

5. Recognise their effort

Give praise for accomplishment and effort. If your child is working hard recognise it, everyone needs encouragement from time to time.

6. Be a team

Teachers are partners. They want the best for your child just like you do. Find out what is expected and stay informed.

7. Be calm and positive

This is the most important one of all - don’t get discouraged! Sometimes the going gets tough; remember to act calm and positive. Don’t let yourself get drawn into arguments and negativity. If a child is angry about schoolwork it is often because they think they can’t do it. It is your job to show them they can. To help you can download Learning Performance's "How to Make Stress the Key to Success" for free . For further free resources from Learning Performance click here.

What is Prepare to Perform

What is Prepare to Perform?

A Toolkit of advice and tips to support your child through their exams. Download printable PDF File