King Henry School
Parents Vision & Behaviour


5th September 2018

Dear Parents and Carers

Welcome to King Henry School. This is a new beginning, both for those who previously attended Erith School and for those who are joining King Henry for the first time. I would therefore like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and to set out the vision for the school.

I am the CEO/Executive Headteacher of The Odyssey Trust for Education, which now oversees and has responsibility for King Henry School. Whether your child is a former Erith student or a new King Henry student this is now a new school. Many aspects will be familiar but there is much that will be different and new and much that will continue to change.

Our Vision

Our vision for KHS is to be an outstanding school that enables the young people who join it to become well rounded, responsible citizens capable of working hard, challenging themselves and supporting their community. While academic success is important, it is the result of good character and endeavour. Therefore you will see a focus on personal responsibility and self-discipline.

I will be taking assemblies with the students to explain this and to set the expectations but I wanted to write to you personally as parents and carers so that we begin in partnership with a shared understanding.

High Standards of Behaviour

At King Henry we will be expecting the highest standards of behaviour; a respectful approach to peers and staff, courtesy and politeness, pride in one’s appearance and an aspiration to continually improve. King Henry is an educational institution so this is a learning process. Young people develop such character through examples, role models and through the considered use of rewards and sanctions.

During the school day there will be no moving time between lessons. Students are expected to move swiftly and purposefully to their next lesson without delay. Punctuality is an important life skill and demonstrates respect. At the end of the day there will be an additional tutor period where students return to their form tutor. This will be an opportunity to resolve any issues, to reflect and focus before starting the journey home.

If your daughter/son’s behaviour has fallen below the expected standard they may have to account for this at this point which may result in them being detained after school. This will be without notice and will be for a maximum of one hour.

I do hope that you will appreciate the importance of developing good character and will be able to support this but we will not be requiring parents or carers permission to detain your daughter/son. Please ensure that no appointments or meetings are arranged during this time since this will not be up for negotiation.

Additionally, the senior leadership team will be holding Saturday morning detentions each week for students who have been unable to meet the expectations of behaviour and have not responded to their classroom teachers. They will have to arrive promptly and in full school uniform. They will be expected to work in silence for the duration. Failure to do so will most likely result in a fixed term exclusion.

Home and School

Of course for the vast majority of King Henry students this will not feature. I do hope that is the case for your daughter/son but if it is not I would expect that the staff of King Henry will have your full support.

We have the same goal i.e. the long term happiness, success and wellbeing of your daughter/son. I am optimistic that by working together we can achieve this for every young person that wears the King Henry uniform.

Thank you for your support.

Yours sincerely

Desmond Deehan
CEO/Executive Headteacher

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