Improving Standards of Teaching and Learning

November 2019

Dear Parents and Carers,

Improving Standards of Teaching and Learning

You will be aware that we are working very hard as a school to improve standards in all areas of learning in order to ensure that our young people have the best possible opportunities to realise their potential and achieve high academic standards. We are investing substantially in the training and development of teachers and support staff with the intention of ensuring high quality learning relationships across our school.

Careful monitoring over recent weeks has highlighted that we are losing some quality time from many scheduled lessons. A significant number of students are moving unnecessarily slowly between lessons and causing needless disruption to learning. We are going to ensure that teaching staff greet students purposefully and politely and ensure that they get down to “starter” and other learning activities as quickly as possible at the start of a teaching period. Similarly, we will expect all students to arrive on time, ready for learning and with the correct equipment to ensure a crisp start to lessons. We will also expect all students to ensure that they use the toilet at the allocated break times (unless we have received a copy of medical evidence requesting a toilet pass), again to keep disruption to learning to an absolute minimum.

Students late to lessons or otherwise “wandering” the corridors will be taken to an allocated room to engage in supervised core subject revision and practice before returning to the next timetabled lesson. We anticipate that students will quickly acclimatise to the new routines and hope that further sanctions are not necessary for repeat offences.

As we strive to drive up standards for all students in our care, we are determined to ensure consistent and easily understood expectations become part of a common routine. I know that we can count on the support of all parents and carers in ensuring our school provides an outstanding educational experience for our students, regardless of ability or aptitude.

Kind regards

Z Tippey


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