Managing Ill Health at School

Wednesday 4th December 2019

Dear Parents & Carers

Managing Ill Health at School

National research and monitoring data makes it very clear that regular attendance at school is a prerequisite for academic success. Similarly, the most successful students are punctual to lessons and are always properly equipped for each individual subject. I am grateful that the vast majority of our parents provide consistent support in managing their child’s attendance and similarly ensure that good organisation at home fully supports our joint educational aims.

The care and well-being of our students remains a clear priority but we need to realise a reasonable balance between individualised support and the development of personal independence and emotional resilience. We are clear that we want our students to reflect carefully on their actions and wherever possible use wisdom and common sense in making the right decisions.

Available internal monitoring data is making it apparent that a small minority of our students are asking to be excused lessons and attend the medical or student services area when they have only minor or trivial upsets. Repeated absence from lessons results in poor consistency and inevitably, students missing lessons for whatever reason fall behind their classmates. Consequently, students engaged in constant “catch up” can feel anxious and worried which may have a further negative impact on their academic progress.

Going forward we intend to be more rigorous in ensuring that students stay in class, particularly if they have very minor ailments or upset. To help us manage this sensitive process, we would ask that parents and carers communicate promptly with the school if they are aware of any medical situation, which needs to be brought to our attention. However, parents should be re assured that school staff will never take unnecessary risks with our students’ well-being and health and will ensure that parents are communicated with promptly if there are any concerns.

Kind regards

Ms Z Tippey

Head Teacher

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