Mr R Leitch Chair of Governors
Letter to Parents at King Henry School

18th September 2018

Dear Parents and Carers

I am pleased to write to you and introduce myself as the new Chair of Governors at King Henry School. We are embarking upon an exciting new chapter in the school’s history as part of the Odyssey Trust for Education.  The new Term has started in an extremely positive, productive and purposeful manner, and I am truly encouraged by the air of optimism that exists throughout the school. 

I have worked in education across South East London for a number of years, and in a variety of roles. As well as currently being a member of the Senior Leadership Team in a large, comprehensive secondary school in Bromley, I have also recently served as Cabinet Member for Education in the London Borough of Bexley, supporting all of Bexley’s schools. During this time, I was also Deputy Leader of Bexley Council, and was fortunate enough to visit many local schools and build strong relationships with important stakeholders in the local education community.

Like our students, staff and local community, I am extremely excited about the opportunities which this new Trust will offer. By harnessing the combined teaching expertise of staff at both King Henry School and Townley Grammar School, I firmly believe that all of Odyssey’s students will benefit from a broad, innovative and inclusive educational offering.

I look forward to working with Mrs Allen, Headteacher, and her Senior Leadership Team as they review and finalise the School’s Development Plan in light of the summer outcomes. With our priorities for 2018/19 being set, I also look forward to meeting and working with all colleagues at King Henry throughout the academic year. I would also like to congratulate all staff members on the many successes in the 2018 summer results.

As a new governing body, we endeavour to work closely with all of our key stakeholders, including staff, parents, carers as well as spending time visiting and finding out the views of the students.  There will be regular contact between myself and the Headteacher and the governing body will be making visits to the school throughout the academic year.

I strongly believe that by working in a collaborative and pioneering manner we can provide all of King Henry’s students with the foundation of knowledge, skills and character that will equip them to lead both successful and fulfilling lives. Students’ families will play an invaluable role in that crucial relationship between the school and students and we look forward to providing opportunities for parents/carers, as well as staff and students, to communicate directly with the governing body.  

If you would like to contact me, please do so at

I sincerely wish all of you an inspiring and fruitful year ahead as part of King Henry School.

Best wishes,

Rob Leitch

Chair of Governors