Sanctions & Behaviour

King Henry School Update November 2018


Dear Parents and Carers

As we are now in the second half of the Autumn Term at King Henry School I wished to provide you with an update on developments and look ahead to the rest of this term.

It has been a busy few weeks and I am happy to have been able to meet so many of you and your sons/daughters. This is a great school community with an incredible amount of potential. I am determined to enable that community to flourish and therefore I have been, and will continue to be, ruthless in challenging those that wish to disrupt it or cause harm to those within it. The school belongs to those who share our values. These include showing consideration to others.

A key priority has therefore been to tackle those individuals and groups who believe aggression and violence are the means to either deal with their emotions or exert control over others. None of us wish to live in a world like this and King Henry School is the model for the world we wish to create. I have therefore made it clear that such behaviour will receive the ultimate sanction and those individuals will lose their place within our school.  I believe I have made this clear from the beginning of term but to be absolutely certain of the expectations I have set I am outlining these here for you.

School Values:

Politeness, Respect, Kindness, Courage, Ambition, Resilience.
  • There will be no physical violence or aggression. This includes pushing, shoving or throwing objects at another person. There is no “play fighting” at King Henry School and retaliating receives the same punishment.
  • There will be no verbal aggression to staff or students, including threats. In whatever form, these will be treated in the same manner as above.
  • Bullying, persistent disruption of lessons or within the wider school and repeated refusal to follow instructions from members of staff will also be considered exclusion offences.
  • We will be enforcing a calm environment around school, particularly between lessons and during break and lunchtime.
  • We expect good manners at all times and so students must address staff and fellow students politely and respectfully. I expect to hear Please, Thank You, Excuse me and Sir or Miss. We will not be listening without these.
  • At the beginning and end of lessons students must stand silently and wait for the teacher to start the lesson or dismiss the class. Teachers may choose to have an activity at the start, which must be started immediately upon entry without chatter

Our focus for the rest of the term will be the first three: Politeness, Respect and Kindness.

There are many students within the school who are struggling with personal, social and emotional issues or overcoming educational needs. In an inclusive and caring environment they should receive our support and consideration. The taunting or victimising of individuals because they are different to us has no place within our school community and I will ensure the perpetrators face the consequences. This equally applies to racial abuse. King Henry School will become a diverse and inclusive community where there is no place for prejudice or discrimination.

I include here a message from Mrs Allen to the school community:

“May I take this opportunity to announce my farewell message as I have made a decision to leave the school at the very start of its journey as King Henry. This is a good time for me to undertake on new challenges and to start another new chapter in my career.

Obviously, my leaving is tinged with some sadness, having worked so hard to secure the future of the school going forward into its transformation. Indeed, I am very proud to be able to leave King Henry in exciting times working in partnership with Townley Grammar School and within the newly formed Odyssey Trust for Education. The multi-academy trust status will prove to be the most significant aspect of my tenure and it surely guarantees the future and success of what was Erith School.

There are countless individuals to thank, to all the staff past and present but I must mention what a privilege it has been to work with all the wonderful students and families. As I look back on a career of 30 years in education, Erith has been one of the most rewarding times for me.

Many thanks for all the good will messages I have received and I wish King Henry School well.”

We wish Mrs Allen well for her future. While we seek a new Headteacher for King Henry School I will take over the leadership of the school alongside my Director of School Improvement, Mrs Whitmore, who will assume the role of Acting Headteacher on a temporary basis.

I know from feedback I have received already that parents support these changes and welcome the improvements seen so far. I am therefore calling upon you to continue to support us in making the school a safe, supportive and happy environment for everyone. Please take the time to impress upon your daughter/son the importance of their behaviour not only in school but also in school uniform anywhere. Good behaviour and manners begin at home and I fully expect students to arrive at school with a clear understanding of the expectations we share.

It has been encouraging to see how much has changed in such a short space of time and to hear the comments from parents and students that recognise this.  I am ambitious for this school and those within it and I am grateful for your continued support in making this a great school.

Yours sincerely

Desmond Deehan

CEO/Executive Headteacher

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