Uniform Reminders

I would like to remind parents, carers and students of the standards of uniform expected at King Henry School. While the vast majority of students come to school dressed very smartly and represent King Henry School well, there are a number of students who are not yet meeting the required standard.

In particular I would like to remind you of the following expectations in regard to trousers and skirts:

Plain, grey tailored trousers purchased from the school outfitters. Pin stripes, flared, or fashion trousers are not permitted. Black or navy trousers, jean style trousers of any kind and ‘skinny fit’ trousers are forbidden.

Plain grey sewn-down pleated skirt at knee length purchased from the official school outfitters only.

Flared or fashion styles are not allowed. Black or navy skirts are not allowed.

The school uniform expectations are attached and must be purchased from the official school outfitters.

Casey’s Schoolwear

246 Blackfen Road,
DA15 8PW

Telephone Number: 0208 850 8645

In the establishment of King Henry School in 2018, there was a period of ‘Grace’ given for parents to purchase grey trousers in place of the previous black uniform. This transition time is now over.

Any students who return to school after the October Half Term with black trousers, navy skirt or jeans will be sanctioned and asked to return home to change.

Yours sincerely,

Miss H Gibbs

Deputy Headteacher

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School Dress

Navy Blue Blazer with School Badge. It is compulsory for all students in Years 7 - 11 to wear a navy blue blazer with a King Henry badge. These are available from the school outfitters.

  • Plain Saxe blue shirt – long or short sleeves. No Aertex, Polo or Fashion shirts/blouses are permitted. Shirts/Blouses are to be worn tucked into skirts or trousers.
  • In the Academic Year 2019/2020, students will wear the navy blue King Henry tie with colour scheme shown below. The tie will be worn in the conventional manner, outside of the blouse/shirt with both the badge and the stripe showing below the knot.

  • The jumper/cardigan is optional.
    However, the only jumper/cardigan allowed must have the King Henry School badge woven into the garment. This V-neck navy blue jumper or navy blue cardigan can only be purchased from the school outfitters. No alternative jumpers, cardigans or sweatshirts are allowed. Students who choose to wear the school jumper/cardigan must still wear the school blazer. The jumper/cardigan is not an alternative to the blazer.
  • Plain grey sewn-down pleated skirt at knee length as purchased from the official school outfitters only.

There is an option of wearing grey, tailored, school approved trousers, which may also be purchased from the school outfitters.

Flared or fashion styles are not allowed.

  • Plain, grey tailored trousers are available from the school outfitters. Pin stripes are not allowed. Flared or fashion trousers are not permitted.
  • We encourage the wearing of plain black

  Tights, plain black ankle socks, however plain black knee length socks may be worn.

  • Black leather style shoes are required. Fashion shoes are not permitted. No shoe is allowed to cover the ankle bone. No trainers are allowed. Soles/heels more than 1”/2.5cm thick are not permitted. We ask that parents send their children into school with sensible footwear for everyday school use – no high heels, sling backs, boots, trainers, canvas/fabric shoes or boots, open toe shoes, conspicuous or fashion shoes please.

Trainers (outside of PE) are not considered acceptable footwear and are not allowed to be worn to and from school, during breaks or the lunch hour unless students are involved in a supervised activity.

If a student has a medical condition which may require wearing trainers, a letter with a doctor’s certificate should be sent to the Head of Year for consideration.

  • Only a plain navy or black top coat, raincoat or anorak is allowed - no logos, badges, emblems, designs etc.
  • The following are not allowed and will be confiscated: Denim, fur, leather, simulated leather, plastic, simulated fur or suede jackets or any coloured coats, “hoodies” of any description.
  • Plain navy or black scarves and beanies are permitted to and from school.

Football scarves are not allowed and will be confiscated.

No caps. Hats must not be worn around the school site. Head coverings may be worn on religious or medical grounds – these must be black or navy.

  • Please purchase Design Technology Aprons from the school outfitter. Hair must be tied back for safety reasons.


  • Full school uniform must be worn at all times. All articles of clothing and other personal possessions must be clearly marked with the student’s name.
  • Students may be sent home to change if they persistently break the School Uniform rules.
  • One pair of plain gold or silver studs are allowed.
  • Watches are not regarded as being necessary, but if students wish to wear them they may do so, subject to the proviso that this is entirely their own responsibility for its safekeeping.
  • Watches must be of a reasonable size and with a sensible strap. Neither the watch nor the strap may be brightly coloured. Watches should never be taken into a PE lesson. The school does not accept responsibility for loss or damage.
  • Body piercing is not allowed. The wearing of any facial piercing e.g. nose, lip or tongue studs or rings is not allowed. Any other body stud, ring or bars are also not permitted.

With regards to haircut/personal appearance, the school considers the following unacceptable:

  • No extreme hairstyles or hair colours.
  • Students with long hair must tie their hair back in all practical subjects e.g. Science, Technology, PE, Art, Dance and Drama.
  • Hairbands must be plain black, brown or navy blue.
  • No hair accessories such as flowers etc.
  • Hair extensions and braids / beads are not acceptable

    for Health and Safety reasons.

    • No extreme hair colouring.
    • It is expected that a good standard of hair hygiene is maintained.
    • Hair sprays and gels are dangerous as they are flammable.
    • Boys are expected to be clean shaven.

      The school reserves the right to determine what is considered an acceptable haircut.

      Please note:

      • Jewellery should not be brought into school. Failure to comply with the jewellery rules will lead to confiscation of the item(s).
      • Teaching staff should not have to waste valuable time in confiscating jewellery, setting up systems of storage and then spending more time returning to students at the end of the term. Parental requests for early return of jewellery are not automatically granted. In such rare cases, the items will be returned only to a parent. The School does not accept liability or responsibility for jewellery during confiscation and storage.
      • Students must not bring into school expensive or sentimental items of jewellery.
      • Make-up: Students in school uniform are not allowed to wear make-up or fake tan. Students will be asked to remove make-up and/or coloured nail varnish or artificial nails whilst on the School premises.

      PE Kit

      • Sports Shirt (Compulsory): Green round neck dri-fit t-shirt with short sleeves and full colour print school badge (not embroidered). Long black sleeved t-shirt will be permissible for religious reasons and must be worn under the green t-shirt.
      • Multisports Top (Compulsory): Plain black fleece/mid-layer with full colour print school badge.
      • Shorts (Compulsory): Plain black shorts.
      • Tracksuit/Jogging Bottom (Compulsory): Suitable plain black for outdoor PE.
      • Socks (Compulsory): Plain black football socks.
      • Trainers (Compulsory): Only allowed in PE. Please avoid “fashion” styles and wear footwear appropriate to indoor and outdoor PE.

         Note: Trainers or Astroturf Trainers must be worn on the Astroturf. Any other type of boot, including moulded studs, cannot be worn.

      • Football Boots to be worn only on grass pitches.
      • Shin guards/Mouth guards: Strongly advised but not essential.
      • Hair ties/Hair bands: For Health and Safety reasons hair ties / hair bands must be used, where required.
      • Jewellery: Earrings must be removed for PE lessons and not covered with tape or any other material.

      The school accepts no liability for personal belongings.

      Download pdf of above statement (School Dress Code)

      Official Supplier of School Uniform

      Casey’s Schoolwear

      246 Blackfen Road,
      DA15 8PW

      Telephone Number: 0208 850 8645