Year 11 Information

Friday 7th June 2019

Dear Parent, Carer and Student,

I would like to take this opportunity to set out the plans and events taking place between now and results day on 22nd August.  Please ensure you read this carefully and keep safe for future reference.

Final two weeks of examinations

We still have a number of examinations taking place, most during the period of 3rd - 14th June with a few more from 17th-21st June, and so attendance to school must remain a priority.  There is a range of support in place for students and we are here to help. Please ensure your son/daughter attends school each day, on time, in full school uniform, and prepared to access all the support available.

Book return and Sign off

Many students will have borrowed reference books and revision materials from department areas which will now need to be returned.  This also applies to the borrowing of library books.  Students will need to ensure the return of books is carried out and have the sign-off sheet completed by each of their subject teachers.

The sign-off sheet also has a section for the completion of coursework to be signed –off.  This form must be completed and returned to their form tutor by Thursday 13th June.

Week beginning 17th June

After the Citizenship exam on the morning of 17th June, students will be allowed to go straight home.  We feel that at this point, students’ time will be better spent preparing for their final exam at home rather than at school.  If students wish to come into school to study, they will need to liaise with the Year 11 team so that a space can be arranged.

However, if there is any outstanding coursework still to be completed, the 18th and 19th June will be used to ensure all students are up-to-date.

Final Day – 20th June

The final Citizenship exam is on the morning of 20th June.  Once this exam is finished students will move out for break as normal.  At the start of period 3, students will go to the main hall for a final assembly and then (weather permitting) out to the quad for refreshments and shirt signing.  By 1pm, all students will have left the school site. We expect our Year 11 students to be respectful to each other and members of the public on their way home.

Prom – 21st June

We have the exciting Year 11 Prom being held on the evening of 21st June and an immense amount of time and effort has been put into ensuring the Year 11 students have a night to remember.  We hope that everyone attending has a great evening.  Please remember that behaviour up until 1pm on 20th June will be a deciding factor on a students’ attendance to the prom and tickets are non-refundable.

Doors will open at 7.00pm for a 7.30pm start. For security reasons, the gates will be locked at 7.45pm so anyone who arrives late will unfortunately not be permitted entry. The event will finish at 11.00pm. As this is a Year 11 KHS event, students from other year groups or schools will not be permitted to attend the prom.

Please note that security will be on site at the point of entry; should they or any school leader feel that it would be appropriate not to admit entry to the event due to your son/daughter being intoxicated or under the influence of narcotics or for any other reason, no refund will be given. As with attending any external event, bag and jacket searches will be conducted on entry and no food, drink, (other than that which will be provided) or other liquids including perfume, cologne and aerosols will be permitted.

Induction Days for Sixth Form

The Sixth Form induction days are taking place the 3rd, 4th and 5th July. This is an opportunity for your son/daughter to experience Sixth Form and take part in taster sessions for the different academic and vocational subjects that are offered. Timing for each day are 8:25am-3:05pm. Any queries please contact Mrs Davidson (Head of Sixth Form)

Results Day – Thursday 22nd August – Information for Students

On the morning of results day, students will be able to collect their results from 10am.  If students are not collecting their results themselves, written permission from the student is required for another party to collect.  Results will not be available over the telephone, by email or by fax.

Any results not collected will be posted that afternoon only if an A5 size stamped envelope addressed to the student has been provided. This must be submitted to the Examinations office by 20th June.  Results which remain uncollected, for which an envelope has not been provided, may be collected from school reception in September.

Examination Certificates

Examination certificates are expected to arrive in school by the end of November 2019. Please view the school website at the end of November for details of when these can be collected.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the parents and carers for their support over past five years.  The students have worked extremely hard and have almost reached the well-earned break before the next part of their life journey begins.

We would like to wish the students all the very best in whatever their future brings and good luck for the last remaining exams.

Looking forward to seeing you on the 22nd August.

Yours sincerely

Ms Z Tippey

Head Teacher

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