Lost Property

Lost property can to be a major issue in school, with large quantities of personal effects being handed in to reception on a daily basis. We spend a lot of time and effort trying to return these items to their owners, with only limited success.

Statistically, a child will lose approximately £160 of uniform and sports kit in the first two years of secondary school and in an effort to reduce this problem for parents, King Henry School, in conjunction with a number of local secondary schools, has adopted a unique ‘lost property service’.

Replacing the traditional name label, the ‘Smart Tag’ is an encoded iron-on or stick-on label which can be applied to any clothing, shoes or school equipment. The label can only be read by a scanner which ensures your personal details are secure.

Any smart tagged item that finds its way to the school reception is scanned and then stored in a dedicated cupboard. The scanning automatically triggers an e-mail/text message being sent to parents/guardians advising them that an item has been recovered and is awaiting collection.

More details are available at http://findmykit.com

Smart tag labels can be applied to school uniform, shoes, trainers, rugby boots, plus equipment, pencil cases, glasses cases, mouth guard cases, lunch boxes etc.

Early feedback from schools shows 100% of smart tagged items handed in being returned to their rightful owners.

Obviously, the success of this initiative is dependent on parents signing up, and we sincerely hope you will be encouraged to support this initiative.

Lost Property at King Henry School

The School operates the following Lost Property system:

  • Smart-Tagged or labelled property will be returned to their owner promptly.
  • Enquiries can be made at Reception for missing property – but not during lesson time.
  • Items not Smart-Tagged or labelled will be kept for four school weeks only and then dispensed with. Suitable school clothing (e.g. blazers) will go the School’s Nearly New store.
  • We will not keep items for longer than four weeks – they present a Health and Safety problem, a fire risk and a storage headache.

Please put your son's/daughter's name on each piece of clothing and equipment.