King Henry School Local Governing Body – seeking Parent Governors

Are you interested in joining King Henry’s Local Governing Body as a Parent Governor? We have two vacancies, and need your skills and knowledge as a parent to help steer the school’s priorities and strategy to assure continued success. The role is an important one in supporting the school and helping to monitor the performance of the school. You would be there to express your own views as a parent.

Each school in the Odyssey Education Trust has a local governing body, made up of parents of children in the school, people with an interest in local affairs, the staff of the school and co-opted governors with particular knowledge and skills relevant to the school’s priorities. The Head of School with her senior leadership team is accountable to the Governing Body for the quality of teaching and learning in the school.

You don’t need to have any qualifications or previous experience to join as a Parent Governor. You certainly do not need to be an "expert" in education since training and support are available. A commitment of time is needed for reading papers, attending and contributing to meetings, typically one meeting per term (starting at 6:00), undertaking training provided by governance experts, as well as joining in the activities of the school. Much of this is done in the early evening, although you will be expected to come into school during the working day to lend support and develop your knowledge at least once a term. There is induction training for new Governors – as well as support from a National Leader of Governance.

In return you will learn about good governance, have the opportunity to develop your skills and knowledge, and play a key role in King Henry’s future success.

The term of office for all governors is 4 years, although a Parent Governor is not required to resign if their child leaves during this period. All parents that have a child currently registered at the school are eligible for nomination as a Parent Governor. For these purposes "parent" means a parent, guardian or any person who has parental responsibility for a pupil.

Governors must be people of good standing in the community, and persons who have been adjudged bankrupt or have received a criminal conviction and sentence of not less than three months imprisonment are disqualified from membership of governing bodies. We also follow Department for Education (DFE) guidance, so all new governor appointments are made subject to a check against the list of teachers and others who are banned or who have restrictions imposed on them that prevent them from working with children and young people. There is a detailed form to complete, and full ID documentation is required.

This is therefore an invitation to nominate a parent, who may be your partner, yourself or any other parent who you have ensured is willing to stand for election. (The nominee must be a parent of a pupil on the roll at the school.) Please include a brief statement, of no more than 100 words, setting out the nominee's interest in the school, and any experience or knowledge that might be a useful contribution to the Governing Body. Please use the form attached.

Please let the school have any nomination by Noon on 5th October either by e-mail at or by letter – by post or leaving at the school reception.

If we receive more than two nominations, parents will be invited to vote in a secret ballot, using the brief statement to inform voters. Otherwise, the one or two nominees will be considered by the Trustees of the Board to become a parent governor of the school's local governing body. Please note, the appointment of governors is subject to the agreement of the Trustees and their decision is final.

The board of trustees has a duty to appoint appropriate parent governors to fill any vacancy and, if insufficient nominations are received, we will continue to seek volunteers.
If you are interested, but would like to talk to someone, you are welcome to contact John Paterson, Chair of the Trustee Board, or Mrs Allen , Headteacher. Both can be contacted via

Yours sincerely

Mr J Paterson, Chair of Trustees

Mr D Deehan, CEO/Executive Headteacher