School Menus

We all want students to eat better, and yet their dining choices are very rarely influenced by overt health messages, or tables groaning with crunchy vegetables. The major drivers continue to be taste, cost and convenience.

That’s why King Henry School have chosen Cucina, whose menus are interesting, fun and different. The food, handmade on site by skilled chefs and attractively presented, is largely sourced from fresh UK ingredients, it’s also full of nutritional goodness.

Teaching through their tastebuds

Healthy food? Absolutely. Although young customers tend to put it in other ways, like, ‘wicked’, ‘the future’, ‘gorge(ous)’, ‘cool’, ‘way better than the shops’, and ‘Mum, I want school lunches’.

The more that students like our food, the more they get to know about it. Then, with the help of chefs and kitchen staff, they start to try other options.

We KNOW that eating well is crucial to improving ability and behaviour. In helping students to eat better, Cucina at King Henry School aims to impart a genuine love of great food and help grow knowledge in the process.

We offer a three week alternating menu, please click on the different menus below, to view all the options available.

There will be a Special Food Calendar with themed days as shown below:

Check out the upcoming themed food days at King Henry School

Allergen Guidance

If your son or daughter has any food allergies, please ask them to speak to the chef each day regarding the ingredients of the lunchtime and breaktime food. Thank You.