Dear Year 7 & 8 Parents / Carers*,

We have introduced a new student assessment system called "Steps2Success". This has been updated for 2018 and the new assessment booklet is available below.

*Please note the assessment grids only apply to Year 7 & 8* Students.

The Steps2Success assessment grid

The Steps2Success assessment grids are the centre of our assessment model. They show the key areas of study and skills required to achieve success. Every subject is split into 3-6 strands breaking the subject down into key areas, including literacy. For each strand there are nine steps ranging from step P1, being the simplest to step 9, the most complex.

As the system is looking to prepare students for the skills and knowledge required for Key Stage 4, this is then an early indication of expected progress at GCSE level. By the time your son/daughter reaches this stage there will no longer be letter grades (A*-G) but numbered grades (9-1). This is another reason why we have chosen this system of assessment. For example, if your son/daughter at the end of Year 9 achieves an overall ‘Step Point’ of 3, they would be expected to achieve a ‘5’ at GCSE.

Please download/view our booklet, which gives you all the ‘Steps2Success’ assessment grids so that you can record your child’s progress from now until the end of Year 8.  From Year 9 onwards, students will receive a single grade (with fine grading  + - ) for each subject which is a GCSE grade or equivalent.