Online Resources & Webinars

King Henry students have access to online resources from Britannia School and a series of Webinars from GSCE Pod.

Looking for more information on home learning, Office 365 teams, home learning packs and more useful study and online learning resources, please see our "Home Learning" page

Britannia School Resources
King Henry Students have access to a fantastic resource from Britannia.  It will help support teachers and students research and inspire some interest led learning.
Link to their website:
The website does require a login username/password, students will receive this via their Year Group Teams accounts.
GSCE Pod Webinars

GCSE Pod are providing a series of webinars on multiple GCSEPod features, these webinars will be for teachers, parents and carers. They will be an opportunity to meet with like-minded individuals throughout the world, have your questions answered by a GCSEPod expert and learn about the best way to make full use of the resource during this time. Spaces are limited so please book your place soon from the GCSE Pod website.

We have highlighted a few of the Parent/Carer Webinars available below, which will show we'll look at how to support your child's learning using GCSEPod:

How to access the Pods;
Podbooks and how to quiz your child;
What to expect if your child is given homework on GCSEPod;
Check & Challenge and self-assessment;
Hints and tips on home learning.

You will have a chance to ask questions during the webinar.

Parent/Carer Introduction to GCSEPod - May 21, 5:00pm

Parent/Carer Introduction to GCSEPod - May 28, 12:00pm

Parent/Carer Introduction to GCSEPod - June 4, 12:00pm

Parent/Carer Introduction to GCSEPod - June 11, 12:00pm

Parent/Carer Introduction to GCSEPod - June 15, 12:00pm

Parent/Carer Introduction to GCSEPod - June 23, 12:00pm