More Able & Talented

King Henry School has an inclusive approach to education for all students, including More Able & Talented students. We believe that all students should be given opportunities to fulfill their potential. We recognise that in our school these students will have a wide range of needs and might not present themselves as able students.


We use a number of methods for identification including Past Attainment, Teacher Assessment, predicted grades, student and peer nomination, staff nomination, and parental nomination. We are also aware that some students will not present as More Able & Talented students, some might not want to be recognised, and some might not have been given appropriate opportunities to explore their gift/talent. Year 7 students are placed on the register if they have achieved level 5s in Key Stage 2 core subjects and/or with teacher or parental nomination. The CATs scores are then assessed, paying attention to Non Verbal Reasoning scores and teacher nominations. This is reviewed on a regular basis and amended as necessary at the end of each academic year. End of year assessments or modular results or Key Stage 3 results are then used to modify the register as students move through the school.

Enrichment and extension opportunities

Students will have opportunities to participate in extra curricular activities to enhance their knowledge or to acquire new skills through Master Classes, Summer Schools, trips and on-line activities. Support for students who participate at a high level in sport is also available.

Mrs A Wright

More Able and Talented Co-ordinator