6th Form at King Henry School

King Henry Sixth Form is part of the Odyssey Trust for Education, comprising Townley Grammar School and King Henry School. As such it benefits from the wider resources of these two schools, bringing high academic rigour and wrap around support to students who choose to complete their education with us.

We believe that a great sixth form is more than the subjects you study. It is an environment that enables you to become the adult you aspire to be, to be a person of character and a scholar. We expect a great deal in terms of commitment, hard work and personal growth and in return we offer a unique and life changing experience.

Your sixth form should be a place where you can feel secure and supported, where you can make new friends and grow existing ones, a place where you can explore your interests and discover new abilities and talents.

At King Henry Sixth Form we wish you to discover what you are capable of. You will be challenged to participate in the wider life of the school, to take a leadership role, to get involved in enrichment opportunities. You will have a wide range of subjects to choose from but an even wider range of experiences to grow from.

So if you are ambitious, if you work hard and are ready to make your mark on the world we would like to welcome you.

Desmond Deehan
CEO/Executive Headteacher
Odyssey Trust for Education

6th Form September 2020 Transfer & Application Form

If you are interested in applying for Sixth Form courses at King Henry School, please complete an application form. Completed applications should be submitted either to the main School Reception, or via email to sixthform@kinghenry.org.uk, by Thursday 19th December.

Contact 6th Form

Email: sixthform@kinghenry.org.uk


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