w/c 4th February 2019


Determined by, or resembling the moon.

w/c 28th January 2019


Destruction or slaughter on a mass scale, especially caused by fire or nuclear war.

w/c 21st January 2019


Feeling of humiliation, sadness or shame following an unexpected disappointment or failure.

w/c 7th January 2019


To confuse or disconcert; to upset or frustrate.

Winning coherent sentences:

“I was discombobulated when I realised I forgot my homework and so I suffer my defeat in a depressing detention for 1 hour.”
William B (7 Wilson)
“The Salesman was clearly attempting to discombobulate my father with his speedy sentences and unclear terms and conditions; I felt I had to step in and tell him that we really didn’t need and Alpaca Farm.”
Yinka (9 Bronte)

w/c 7th January 2019


An act of determining mentally upon some action or result; an aim or plan.

w/c 17th December 2018


Relating to a festival, especially Christmas; Cheerful and *jovially celebratory.
*Jovially - friendly or jolly.

w/c 10th December 2018


Characteristic of winter, especially in feeling or looking very cold and bleak.

Winning coherent sentence:

“Oil puddles on the street
Will be washed away with snow and sleet
With precipitation puddles, snow and rain
As towards the rivers they eventually go
Harming wildlife
And the plants that grow
All the that pollution is washed away
As toward the rivers the storm waters go”
Kacey S (7 Wilson)

w/c 3rd December 2018


A type of water that forms in the Earth's atmosphere and then drops onto the surface of the Earth.

Winning coherent sentences:

“The wintry air was nibbling at my fingertips as I trudged through the snow – in my hat that snuggled my ears. The coat sent warm shots through my body and the scarf wrapped around me like a snake. I cherished the fact that I was able to have these things; I knew there are people out there in the bleak winter snow that can’t.”
Rhyen J (9 Orwell)
“Life sprouts in the Earth, as the rain is welcoming.
Plants blossom with lush glossy leaves the aroma of nature:
Organic, divine. Refreshing our hearts, with a sweet delightful touch.
Drizzle, snow, these heavenly gifts transform the atmosphere into one exotic home: through precipitation.”

Sulat O (7 Wilson)

w/c 26th November 2018


The arrival of a notable person or thing; the first season of the Church year, leading up to Christmas and including the four preceding Sundays.

Winning coherent sentence:

Xmas Day

Another advent is near,
Christmas and cheer,
Santa and his sleigh,
Traveling until day,
Parents finally getting rest,
The children at their best,
It’s not that far away,
Here comes Christmas day!Brooke W and Francesca V (9 Bronte)

w/c 19th November 2018


The quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

Winning coherent sentence:

“To show our gratitude and respect, we wear a poppy to show we are thankful to those who lost their lives for use to live in peace today.”Joana (8 Austen)

w/c 12th November 2018


The quality of being well meaning; the desire to do good to others.

Winning coherent sentences:

“Christmas a jolly festive season,
A time that benevolence escalates,
Lush, drizzled mountain pudding,
Accompanied by drooling mouths
Of delighted companionship.
Christmas a flavour of sugar n’
Spice, promoting tenderness that
Governs over malice, bitterness,
Hatred of which a planted seed
That manifests today.” Sulat O (7 Wilson)
Busy bees were fluttering by, being good to others was all that was on their mind
Everyone was benevolent all day, all night
Never ever was there a bee not showing kindness before flight
Every single bee took off to help pollinate the plants
Vzzz! Was all that you heard, bees helping humans was a vocal chirp
Only a couple of bees weren’t busy this was because they were in need of honey
Let’s fly away and be more generous and helpful
Every day, every night believe it or not there was no more fright
Never again was there a bee without honey
Today you can be caring and kind it doesn’t take much – just the heart and mindCallum T (7 Austen)
“The woman looked at the letter in her hands, a single tear running down her face. She had been in a dark place, she felt hopeless, but the message in her hand told her someone cared – someone saw the melancholy cloud that hung over her, then she saw the side note on the bottom, it read:

‘Please pass this on to someone who needs it.’

And so the letter was passed on, the woman smiling at the pure benevolence of humanity.”
Alois M and Yinka O (9 Bronte)

w/c 5th November 2018


A betrayal of trust; the quality of being deceptive.
This week's word was contributed by Lewis O (Y12)

Winning coherent sentence:

“There was a pirate a pirate of treachery
He has a crew of 6
A gullible crew for a pirate to deceive
They always got defeated
However they retrieve
A new member to mislead
They went on a journey a long journey
To find a special treasure
The captain slept on a gurney
Although that sounds weird
Once they got to their destination
The crew were all hyper
But the captain was plotting
A plot to corrupt his crew
He don’t like them but he will do what he must do” Paige A (7 Austen)

w/c 29th October 2018


To honour or make *holy; a holy person or saint.
*morally and spiritually excellent; devoted to the service of God.

Winning coherent sentence:

“ I remember the priest’s words before the accident. “In these hallowed halls no harm shall befall us. At the time he did not realise how iconic his words were. I remember clearly his expression as the ghost of Saint Peter rose through the wooden stage and he stumbled backwards. “Back apparition of the devil!” he said as the whole church rose in shock then everything went dark…”Yinka and Alois (9 Bronte)

w/c 15th October 2018


A feeling of *reverential respect mixed with fear or wonder.
*A showing of deep respect for someone or something.

Winning coherent sentence:

“I gazed solemnly, dumbfounded and clueless of how to act when my eyes laid upon my one and only daughter. My mouth gaped in awe as she turned around, the golden flecks in her sapphire eyes meeting mine for the last and final time…”Alanya, Daisy and Georgia (9 Bronte)

w/c 8th October 2018


To formally put an end to something, such as a system, practice, or institution.

Winning coherent sentence:

“I stared at the crimson sunset in hope of the demise of the corrupt government; this dystopian society needed to be abolished sooner or later.” Jayden K (9 Bronte)

w/c 1st October 2018


Something such as a tradition or a problem that exists as a result of an event that occurred in the past.

Winning coherent sentence:

“I always hear arguing downstairs, so I was always cognisant of my parents’ divorce.”Joana P (8 Austen)

w/c 24th September 2018


Having an awareness, knowledge or understanding of something.

Winning coherent sentence:

“The hammer slammed down on the table. Tom’s hand shivered as he sweat with guilt, this was his last chance to redeem himself before execution – the judge would decide his fate.”George W (8 Austen)

w/c 17th September 2018


To do something that compensates for poor past performance or behaviour.

Winning coherent sentences:

“As my soulmate lies on the floor, his body cold and still, it dawns on me that my cantankerous demeanour in cohesion with my erratic temperament were to blame. How, if ever, will I earn my redemption?” Daisy I and Georgia T (9 Bronte)
“The king, full of ambition and hope, had left a positive legacy behind for his kingdom and it would be continued by the monarchs and citizens for generations to come.” Jayden K (9 Bronte)

w/c 10th September 2018


A feeling of fear or anxiety about something that may happen.

Winning coherent sentence:

“Trepidation dawned upon me as I entered the shadowed room: an eerie silence echoed around the room.”
Grace N (7 Wilson)