End of Term Arrangements Friday 19th July 2019

All students start as normal at 8.25am. Years 9 and 10 will be dismissed at 12.00pm via Gym Doors only to Avenue Road. Years 7 and 8 will be dismissed at 12.20pm via Gym Doors only to Avenue Road. Any students who are entitled to free school meals and would like a lunch on the last day of term must … Read More

Staying Safe in Bexley

Such signs include, but are not limited to:  There are a few suggested steps you can take as parents and carers to ensure your child remains safe, however, and these include: It is important to talk to your child, and the 5 activities mentioned can be completed with your child, not just imposed upon them – explain that this is … Read More

Meet the Headteacher

She has strong ambitions for the future of the school and is looking forward to putting them into practice. Her aim is to ensure outstanding and inclusive education experiences, with high expectations, for every child who is part of the school community. She believes a significant part of her role is to spend as much time with the students and … Read More


Please contact the school by 8am of each day of absence either by the school app www.myedschoolapp.com or by telephoning the absence line 01322 339 642 please report absences only via these methods to allow us to efficiently collate known absences once registers have closed. Please contact the school by 8am of each day of absence either by the school … Read More

Growth Mindset Workshop

Growth mindset refers to a learning theory developed by Dr Carol Dweck. It revolves around the belief that you can improve intelligence, ability and performance. The opposite, a fixed mindset, refers to the belief that a person’s talents are set in stone . Years of research have shown that mindset is malleable. This means that by helping students to develop … Read More

Care for the Family

YADT are delighted to be able to offer the Care for the Family Courses under our Behavioural Support Service. These courses are run by our behavioural team who have extensive experience working with families and young people with diverse needs. For more information and to book your place, please contact us on: 020 8308 3862 or email us: contact@YouthActionDiversityTrust.co.uk Website: … Read More