2018 19 Pupil Premium Breakdown and Expenditure plan - PDF Download


Introduced in 2011, the Pupil Premium Grant (PPG) is government money designed to help disadvantaged children achieve their potential whilst in education.  The funding is allocated to schools for children from Reception to Year 11 who have registered for free school meals in the last six years, are in care or have parents in the Armed Forces. The PPG allocation is £935 per Pupil Premium child and £1,900 per LAC child (although LA’s do not release all LAC funds to school).


At King Henry, we work hard to ensure that all students have access to quality first teaching in each and every lesson. We strive to maximise and accelerate their progress and achievements whilst ensuring they encounter an enriched educational experience overall. Through careful use of the PPG we help students have all the equipment, encouragement, support and funding to fully experience and achieve in their time at school. Our aims are:

  • To provide additional educational support to improve the progress, accelerate the rate of progress and improve overall achievement for these students.
  • To remove barriers to success and achievement and so close the attainment gaps between key groups of students.
  • To ensure that all disadvantaged students are provided with the opportunities and support (including financial) to achieve their absolute best.
  • To ensure funding is used to address any underlying inequalities between students who are eligible for Pupil Premium and others.


Below is a breakdown of the students we at King Henry School have who are in receipt of the Pupil Premium Grant as of September 2018.


Our Pupil Premium allocation for 2018-2019 is estimated at £485,000 (based on approximately 513 students @£935 each and 3 LAC students at £1,900). Our primary aim each and every year, is to ensure that teaching and learning is at a good or better standard in all lessons. We also ensure that the needs of all the students are met and appropriate provision is made for those who are vulnerable or requiring support. Through careful monitoring we target the key areas where our Pupil Premium Grant students are underachieving or require assistance, helping them to achieve their potential.


The barriers we know our students face in relation to achievement are centered on the following key needs. These needs then provide us with the focus areas for which to target our funding.





To allow a fair distribution of funding and resources across the school rather than a first come first served basis, departments and pastoral teams bid for an allocation of the PPG. It also allows for clear and accurate budgeting and tracking of spending impact. The bids are then reviewed and actioned accordingly.


The use of the Provision Mapping software is utilised so that all interventions are logged with students start and end data. This will used through the year with a review occurring at the end of each intervention, making adjustments where required, to ensure they have the greatest impact.


The list below is how we as a school allocate and use the money to support PPI students:

Curriculum Provision Intervention
  • Additional English and maths staffing to allow for smaller classes
  • Bespoke lower ability intervention groups focusing on English and Maths skills
  • Maths intervention support for vulnerable students
  • February, Easter and May holiday subject booster classes
  • Core subject after/before school booster classes
  • Subsidised Trips
  • Learning Plans & Provision Writer software
  • 1:1 Tutor support for LAC children both in-house and external
  • Core subject revision resources
  • Music lessons
  • Hospitality lessons – ingredients

Social Needs Intervention
  • Attendance Advisor Support (SEAAS)
  • Closing the Gap - Subsidised Enrichment activities
  • Jack Petchey ‘Speak Out’
  • King Henry School Radio – developing communication skills
  • Subsidised Enrichment – developing social skills
  • Sixth Form Peer tutors support

Teaching and Learning Interventions
  • More Able and Talented coordinator support & events
  • Breakfast Club and Exam Warm-ups
  • Sound Training – Literacy support programme
  • Teacher tools to support whole school Teaching & Learning i.e. GCSEPod
  • Library Support with Accelerator Reader programme and books
  • PiXL support
  • PiXL Gold Tie and badges – Going for Gold
  • Rewards
  • Staff CPD focusing on feedback, differentiation, checking of understanding, interpreting your data and challenge
  • RAP sheets used by staff to track and monitor all PPG students, especially focusing on boys/MAPs

Emotional and Behavioural Interventions
  • Progress Centre targeted mentoring support programme
  • Behaviour Improvement targeted support
  • Learning Mentor targeted support
  • Developments of our Well Being Centre
  • Alternative off-site provision
  • Education Psych Support