Staying Safe in Bexley

Staying Safe in Bexley

Nationally, young people continue to face increasing challenges and risks within their local communities.

Whilst Bexley remains one of the safest boroughs in London, it is vital that as parents and carers you are informed of the potential signs that your child may be at risk.

Such signs include, but are not limited to:

  • Going missing for prolonged periods of time
  • Coming home with cash and/or goods (for example designer trainers/clothing) that you have no knowledge of
  • Being in possession of an additional/new mobile phone – especially old, ‘non-smart’ phones (known as ‘Bricks’ or ‘Burners’)
  • Affiliation with new groups of friends that are unknown to you
  • Sudden behaviour changes and excessive secrecy
  • Packages delivered to your home address that are unexplained
  • ‘Looking after’ possessions for friends, e.g. mobile phones, bank cards, items of clothing
  • Unexplained bank account activity / transactions (your child’s and your account)

 There are a few suggested steps you can take as parents and carers to ensure your child remains safe, however, and these include:

  • Monitoring Social Media accounts and activity
  • Monitoring mobile phones – call logs / messages / photos
  • Ensuring you know where your child is and who they are with
  • Being vigilant with bank accounts
  • Knowing what is in your child’s room

It is important to talk to your child, and the 5 activities mentioned can be completed with your child, not just imposed upon them - explain that this is in the interests of their safety.

Have concerns?
If you are concerned that your child, or any young person, may be at risk then make contact with any of the following:

Your child’s school 

If you have any concerns regarding the welfare of a King Henry School Student, please contact the school directly on: 01322 348 231 and ask to Speak to a member of the King Henry safeguarding team.

For non urgent queries please email the King Henry safeguarding team on:

Contact the Police on 101

0800 555 111

Bexley Community Safety Team

Young person with concerns? 
Concerned about a friend?
Fearless is a service that allows you to pass on information about crime 100% anonymously.